We suggest for sale
(the Central Asian Sheep-dog)
We are glad to introduce to you our puppies - thoroughbred alabai dogs with famous characteristics.
All puppies have family tree and certificates.
 Puppies were born March 10, 2008 (Aksakkal kennel)  
These puppies carry best bloods of the well-known Turkmen dogs. We do not promise that these puppies will grow to the champions but we guarantee that they are certificated and thoroughbred Turkmen wolfhounds - Alabai. To view the details of the family tree and to see pictures please click here.
Father of puppies: Sherhan (owner Furman). Certificate.
Through the father Sherhan puppies carry bloods of Gaplan (Aizenberg), Kiyarizov's Babur, Black and White Ekimens, Karim (Aizenberg) and many other famous Turkmen dogs.
Mother of puppies: Gurza (owner Furman). Certificate.
Through the mother Gurza puppies have accumulation of bloods of Palash, Jalal, Ezon, Kaplan (Shklyarevsky) and so on.