Breed's standard of the Central Asian Sheep-Dog (ALABAI)
Central Asian Sheep-Dog (Alabai) is strong, powerful, athletic combined, proportional. Above the average and large size, the height is not lower than 65 cm (females are not lower than 60 cm); the dragged out format, with massive skeleton and well advanced dense muscles. The skin is thick, with well advanced hypodermic layer, elastic enough, reliably protecting a dog, on a neck forms specific for breed shape. Elastic a sheaf of joints allow a dog to keep a natural flexibility and plasticity at all power of its combining. Sexual dimorphism it is well expressed, males are larger than females, have more courageous shape.

Behavior is confident, independent. The dog is fearless and possesses high serviceability, endurance, backbone, tolerance to a pain. Dog economically spends its forces, in quiet conditions can quickly relax.

Head is proportional to the general combining (corresponding to a sex). It is long, massive, with good muscles.

It is long, wide, flat, with hardly appreciable transition to a muzzle. Cheekbones well advanced, but they are not sharply outstanding. The eyebrow arches can be slightly expressed so it has impression of sharper transition from a forehead to a muzzle while survey of a head from sideways.

The muzzle is shorter than length of the cranial part, well filled under eyes, deep, wide in an interorbital part and is not narrowed almost to a nose.
A jaws are massive, the bottom jaw deep and wide.
Lips are thick, top one closes the bottom jaw with characteristic shape in a corner of a mouth.
A nose is black, with not-outstanding contours of a muzzle. Less intensive pigmentation of the a nose is permitted for light painted dogs.

Ears are low put, small, with a triangular form, trailing. The basis of an ear is small. Ears are shortly stopped in the first days after a birth. Not stopped ears are supposed.

Eyes are widely placed, direct and moderately deep put. Color is from bright-nut up to dark. Eye cracks are narrow, small.

Teeth are white, strong and in the complete set. Canines are large, strong and widely from each other placed. A bite is scissors-similar.

Neck has average length; it has good muscles, low put, with characteristic for breed shape.

A body is massive.
Top is brawny, well expressed, it is especial at dogs.
The back is wide, strong.
Waist is short, well filled, slightly convex.
Groats has average length, wide, with well advanced muscles, from the top it is insignificantly inclined.